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Cloud Server can be simple​

The power of the Cloud, made easier than traditional hosting.

Stable, agile and automatically optimized websites with PageSpeed Optimizer. Yours can be one of them without spending hours configuring servers.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge! If this is your case, the Managed Cloud Server is the perfect solution, as specialists take care of all the technical aspects while you focus on your business.

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One-click advanced settings: HTTPS, CDN, WAF and more

SSL and CDN are not differentiators, but adding them to your site with the click of a button is. We create robots to simplify the installation of advanced features on the latest generation Linux (Ubuntu) VPS.

Cloud with installation and management of websites, emails and other applications

In a few clicks, have a wordpress website, e-commerce or emails with your domain in Cloud Hosting. Everything automatic, our robots take care of all the technical configuration for you.

The power of the Cloud, made easier than traditional hosting

Technology focused on people for us is also usability. On the dashboard you can check the consumption status of each cloud hosting, DNS and manage it as you prefer in a few clicks.

automated migration

Bringing your domains, websites, emails and applications to Cloud Server won’t hurt a bit. Our team of experts trained a squad of robots so you don’t lose the work you’ve already built, just optimize.

For more information, call or send a WhatsApp (27) 99995-7460


Option for those looking for hosting for only 1 domain.



  • PageSpeed Optimizer
  • Free HTTPS
  • Blocklist prevention
  • Automatic backup
  • Memory Limit Setting
  • Root Access
  • Database

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